Karli Hertzog – Bride

Ali Miller is the reason that our wedding went off without a glitch. My husband and I were overwhelmed when it came to planning the wedding and thinking through all of the details. Ali came in, cool, calm, and collected, and with her extreme organization and genuine love saved the day. She gave us the best tools to stay organized throughout the process of planning. It is only because of her help and encouragement that we enjoyed every step of the planning process. The day of the wedding she took care of everything! She went above and beyond with making sure all the decorations and set up were absolutely perfect. I was so carefree the day of the wedding because of the confidence I had in Ali- and she pulled the wedding off flawlessly! She was incredibly thoughtful throughout the entire process, always caring for and serving us so well. All of our vendors and many of the guests commented on how professional and responsible Ali was throughout the entire event. Everyone could not sing her praises enough. The woman is amazing!

Madison Lussier – Bride

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and every bride deserves to relax and simply enjoy the day that they have planned for so long. Thankfully, Ali made that possible for my husband and I. If anything went wrong, I definitely didn’t even know about it because she was so on top of everything! Our special day was absolutely perfect, and we have so many wonderful memories of it because we weren’t stressed about what was going on. I would encourage everyone to work with Ali so that your wedding can be as enjoyable for you as it should be!

Preston Richardson – Photographer

Ali has a unique ability to move along the wedding day with speed and power, but she retains a grace that make clients and guests feel comfortable. Working with her as a photographer was refreshing because her organization made a clear plan for the day. The work that she put into the wedding prior to the day showed itself in the way that the day moved so smoothly. She is not your average wedding coordinator!

Victor Montijo – MC/DJ

From the time I arrived at approximately mid-day, until after I left over 8 hours later, Ali was an outstanding asset that made the whole event a huge success! Ali was very attentive and professional to all the myriad of details that a successful wedding day requires, and at the same time was very harmonious to work with and listened carefully and gave value to the experience I could offer, as did I with her good ideas and sharp eye for detail. In the end, we worked together as a team and together we created a nearly flawless event! I strongly recommend Ali Miller to anyone who can use a professional Wedding Planner/Event Coordinator for their upcoming event(s); she is very professional, sincere, thorough and easy to have on your team!